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Hip Fracture Specialist

Gregory Lavigne, MD -  - Orthopedic Surgeon

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Gregory Lavigne, MD

Orthopedic Surgeon & Reconstructive Surgeon located in Asheville, NC & Arden, NC

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 300,000 men and women are hospitalized for hip fractures in America every year. At Pardee Hospital in Asheville, North Carolina, Dr. Gregory Lavigne of the Southeastern Sports Medicine and Orthopedics team offers comprehensive care for hip fractures and can help you regain independence and restore proper hip joint function. If you or a loved one sustains a hip fracture, be sure to schedule an appointment with Dr. Lavigne right away. Online scheduling is available, or you can simply contact the office by phone.

Hip Fracture Q & A

What is a hip fracture?

Your hip is a ball-and-socket joint comprised of a socket in your pelvis and the upper portion of your femur, or thigh bone. A hip fracture occurs when you break a portion of the upper area of your femur.

What are the causes of hip fracture?

The most common cause of hip fractures are falls from a standing height. In fact, the CDC estimates that 95% or more of hip fractures occur as the direct result of a fall.

It’s also possible to sustain a hip fracture during a traumatic injury, like a car accident or a fall from a significant height. Men and women with significantly weakened bone tissue can even break a hip by simply twisting their hip joint.

What are the risk factors for a hip fracture?

Age and sex are the primary risk factors, with older women at the greatest risk for a hip fracture. Women are more likely than men to break a hip, likely due to the fact that women have higher rates of osteoporosis, a condition that weakens bone tissue. Additional risk factors include:

  • Chronic medical issues like intestinal disorders or thyroid problems
  • Certain medications — including prednisone or benzodiazepines
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Poor nutrition
  • Alcohol and tobacco use

What are my treatment options for hip fracture?

Dr. Lavigne creates your customized treatment plan based on the specifics of your case. The location and severity of your hip fracture helps determine the right treatment path.

Surgery is usually required to repair a hip fracture. Dr. Lavigne may be able to repair the damage by installing surgical screws or other hardware to hold the fractured bone tissue together. In many cases, a partial or total hip replacement is the only way to restore proper joint function.

You’re likely to begin a period of physical therapy after your procedure, which helps you strengthen your muscles and improve your range of motion in the affected joint. Your physical therapy team also teaches techniques for self care, enhancing your independence.

Treatment for hip fractures has come a long way in recent years. If you or a family member suffers a hip fracture, schedule an appointment with Dr. Lavigne of the Pardee Hospital Southeastern Sports Medicine and Orthopedics team to explore state-of-the-art treatment options.